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Top 5 Favourite Nancy Meyers Film Sets

 Kimberley Seldon (left) talks Nancy Meyers movie sets with CityLine host Tracey Moore.

Top 5 Favourite Nancy Meyers Film Sets


 Kimberley Seldon (left) talks Nancy Meyers movie sets with CityLine host Tracey Moore.

Kimberley Seldon (left) talks Nancy Meyers movie sets with CityLine host Tracey Moore.

Cocoon Furnishings was pleased to support designer Kimberley Seldon for a segment that aired recently on CityTV's CityLine. Kimberley shared her advice on 5 ways to pull design inspiration from Nancy Meyers film sets. At Cocoon, we are fans of Kimberley Seldon, CityLine and Nancy Meyers films, so we were pleased to provide the furniture and accessories for the show. Scroll down to shop the set, but first, check out our top 5 favourite Nancy Meyers movie set rooms. Did your favourite make the cut? 

1. Jules Ostin's Kitchen in The Intern

1. TheIntern.photoJoshuaMcHugh.jpeg
1. TheIntern.photoJoshuaMcHugh2.jpeg

Wow. The ceiling height! The cabinet colour! The sink! The mantel! What's not to love about this fantastic kitchen? It's in the Brooklyn home of Anne Hathaway's character, Jules Ostin, founder and CEO of an internet fashion startup. The design by production designer Kristi Zea and set decorator by Susan Bode was partially inspired by the Brooklyn brownstone kitchen of former J.Crew executive Jenna Lyons. No wonder we love it so much.  

2. Amanda Woods' Living Room in The Holiday

2. TheHoliday-LA-LivingRoom-cocoon-at-home-blog.jpg

The English cottage from this movie gets more fawning reviews, but this cream and chocolate living room set in a sprawling Brentwood estate (but is really built in a sound stage) is our favourite. The monochromatic palette and mix of contemporary with a touch of rustic created by production designer Jon Hutman looks as inviting today as when the movie was released in 2006. 

3. Alice Kenney's Living Room in Home Again


Production designer Ellen Brill and set decorator Nicole Cates used Pinterest as a source of inspiration to create the perfect interiors for Alice, played by Reese Witherspoon. The look is distinctly California cool with injections of hot pinks and oranges, wicker furniture and boho touches. These departures from the more typical neutral palette of other Meyers films are thanks to the input of Meyers' daughter, first-time director Hallie Meyers-Shyer. Love.

4. The Dining Room in Something's Gotta Give

4.SomethingsGottaGive-Dining-room-cocoon-at-home-blog (1).jpg

The one that started it all. Production designer Jon Hutman and set decorator Beth Rubino created the ultimate Hamptons beach house that became the benchmark for the interior design world for almost a decade. The dining room may be second fiddle to the kitchen in some viewers hearts, but we love it for the feminine slipcovered dining chairs, generous table and enviable built-ins, not to mention the hydrangeas. 

5. The Kitchen and Dining Area in It's Complicated

5. It'sComplicated-dining-kitchen-cocoonathomeblog.jpg

Again the setting is California and the vibe is relaxed. It's only natural that bakery owner Jane Adler, played by Maryl Streep, would also have a gorgeous home kitchen that borrows from the best of restaurant style and farmhouse style. We love the pendant lights, slipcovered counter stools, black-framed windows and, well, everything. The dining area references Spanish colonial style without being too heavy or fussy — the perfect backdrop for all those drapey white linen outfits Meryl wears.

Which is your favourite Nancy Meyers movie interior? Let us know in the comments. Meanwhile, here's another view of the CityLine segment produced by designer Kimberley Seldon:

If you missed the segment, you can watch online: 5 Ways to Pull Design Inspiration from Every Nancy Meyers Movie.



For information on any items on the segment that you don't see listed, contact us.

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