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Accent Pillows

Accent Pillows Oakville

No matter what kind of interior décor you plan out, comfort and design go hand in hand. While it’s easy to pick the bigger pieces of furniture, it’s the smaller decorative pieces like accent pillows that are hard to match. But with Cocoon Furnishings' exclusive array of beautifully designed accent pillows, you’re bound to find something that meshes well with your personal taste and style.

Accent Pillows For Couch

With our accent pillows, the first thing you’ll notice is that they are very comfortable pillows for a living room sofa or sectional. Each and every cover is designed with details that add sophistication and flair to the accent pillow. Our accent pillows are a testament to the art of design and comfort.


Accent Pillows For Bed

Cocoon Furnishings' accent pillow collection features a wide range of styles from retro funk to more modern sleek designs to cater to the varied tastes of our customers. They make great additions to your bedroom as well as your living room décor. With so many options to choose from, you’re sure to come across a design that will blend in well with your living space décor and act as the final touch.


Materials of Luxury

Our accent pillows are made from the best quality plush velvet, sumptuous silk, and soft linen, to match your desired ambiance. The texture and sheen of the covers enhance the visual appeal of the couches and sofas and invite you to take a seat without drawing too much focus.


Relax in Style

It’s not just the covers of Cocoon Furnishings accent pillows that deserve all the credit- the pillows themselves also provide unparalleled comfort that makes them a pleasure to rest on. From sofas and living room chairs to chaises and daybeds, our accent pillows will make the seating experience luxurious and comfortable while showcasing your taste and sense of style.


Elevate Your Comfort with Cocoon Furnishings

Discover the art of interior design with our exquisite collection of accent pillows. Whether you're seeking to enhance your seating, create a cozy atmosphere, or express your unique style, our pillows are designed to transform your space into a sanctuary of luxury and elegance. Explore our selection today and experience how the right accent pillows can elevate your living spaces to new heights of comfort and sophistication. Cocoon Furnishings, where comfort meets luxury.

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Delivery Available

Delivery includes the transport and installation of your luxury sofa in Oakville, Ontario, or anywhere in North America. Please ensure you are available to receive the product at the time slot communicated to you and that the space in which your products are going to be placed is clear. Please advise of any special accommodations required in your home. Delivery costs will be calculated automatically upon check-out.


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